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cement tile cimenterie de la tour

Creator, Editor and Manufaturer of Cement Tiles since 1932

Cement tiles is a material of expression. His handmade fabrication allow designers and architects to record their graphic universes in our houses.
The Cimenterie de la Tour create, edit and craft their collections.
Today, the Cimenterie de la Tour carry on the tradition and still made by hand his products, tile after tile in his workshop since 1932.
Established in France in the 90’s, the Cimenterie de la Tour convince a large number of architects and customers thanks to the quality of his products and his knowledge.


Cement  Tile  through  the  eyes  of  Designers

Discover our latest cement tiles created by designers and published by Cimenterie de la Tour

Appelle moi papa

modern and floral cement tiles

Piergil Fourquié

cement tiles decoration with modern patterns

Eli Gutierrez

hexagon cement tiles design by the designer eli gutierrez
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– Another vision, a new look, an overflowing imagination, originality …
Designers have redesigned cement tile with new shapes and colors –

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