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Here, find our Cimenterie de la Tour’s workshops

carreaux de ciment
équipe de carreaux de ciment
réalisation carreaux de ciment
cimenterie de la tour
réalisation carreaux de ciment
créateur carreau ciment
hall en carreaux de ciment
salle de bain en carreaux de ciment
atelier de fabrication de carreaux de ciment
stock carreaux de ciment

Cement tiles Co Uk has been manufacturing and manufacturing cement tiles since 1932. It owns its own workshop in Rabat, Morocco, where 60 artists design real mosaic tiles. These craftsmen are attentive to the details to offer an exceptional cement tile. The artists are formed from father to son and thus continue the tradition of craftsmanship.
Operation of the cement tile workshop
The workshop is divided into several parts that include raw materials, different sands, different cements, marble powders and pigments.
There are 10 machines on which 4 craftsmen make the tiles one by one. One person deals with dosages and cements and another with the dosage of color. Also, a person is qualified for the creation of divisors for the realization of future motives.
To function well, a pole is in charge of distributing all the raw materials to the 10 machines and picks up the manufactured cement tiles to put them in humid chambers. Then a team checks and retrieves the dry tiles to put them in ventilated shelters. After 10 days of drying, a team of 4 people checks the quality of the tiles and checks the resonance, color and pattern. Then, they will place the mosaic tiles in boxes to be able to make them leave on pallets.
The process of making cement tiles is quite long, being handcrafted. It is estimated the creation of 4 m² of simple patterns per man and per day. All small imperfections (imperfect lines, bubbles or shades) are proof of craftsmanship. This will make the charm of your floors or walls once installed. Discover the videos of our workshop on our Youtube account.

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