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Cement tiles in a bathroom

Today, cement tiles are adopted in bathrooms to create a warm and original atmosphere. Depending on the decorating style of your bathroom, there are various cement tiles with patterns and colors both trend and old.

Why choose cement tiles for your bathroom?

Cement tiles are always placed on the floors of homes. Now, a trend has settled, it is the laying of cement tiles on the walls. In the bathroom, the installation inside a shower is not recommended. A deposit of limestone may appear and cement tiles can not be cleaned in any case with aggressive products such as bleach, anti limestone or white vinegar. For the interior of shower, it will be necessary to think of tile imitation cement tiles where any other coating resistant to the effects cement tiles. Visit our site dedicated to porcelain stoneware tiles to give you ideas for development.

A modern bathroom with cement tiles

Today, the trend is to industrial decoration. We like the reclaimed style, the wood or the metal. To corroborate this style, Cimenterie de la Tour recommends for your bathroom black and white cement tiles with geometric shapes or 3D effects.
Do you want to add a contemporary touch to your bathroom? Discover our range of geometric cement tile, modern or with 3D effects.

cement tiles in a modern bathroom

Cement tiles for a classic bathroom

Discover our collections of old cement tiles for the floor or the walls of your bathroom. To give an old style and cachet to your bathroom, Cimenterie de la Tour recommends colorful floral motifs. Indeed, motley patterns are appreciated and we love them alongside borders. Red, green and yellow are preferred colors to give a classic style to your bathroom. Also, did you see a pattern that you like? It is possible to reproduce it for 12 m² of surface.

cement tiles in a classic bathroom

Cement tiles for a small bathroom

Your bathroom is small? You want to put cement tiles but you do not know what to choose? Cimenterie de la Tour advises you to choose a pattern that forms on 20 cm such as the M0088 and not on 40 cm as the M0320. Indeed, there are often a lot of furniture or bathroom elements that will prevent good visibility of the grounds. We must therefore choose “small” reasons to be able to see enough on your room.

cement tiles patchwork in a bathroom floor

A large bathroom with cement tiles

For a large bathroom, you have several choices. All models of cement tiles can be chosen but be careful that they are not too heavy to not attack the view. In this perspective, patchworks are to work sparingly. However, it will be possible to choose original formats such as the hexagon, the octagon or the diamond.

cement tiles in a big bathroom

Cement tiles to illuminate your room

Your bathroom is small and not very bright? Favor the grounds with a white background or light linen to illuminate your floor such as the cement tile M3083. In wall, we recommend clear and bright earthenware to send back the light.

Do you want to renovate your bathroom with cement tiles? Discover our collections of mosaic tiles according to the style of interior decoration desired. Cimenterie de la Tour accompanies you in the choice of your cement tiles.

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