Borders and corners tiles 20x20

Borders and corners tiles 20x20

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B0011C - B0011

B0012C - B0012

B0013C - B0013

B0020C - B0020

B0022C - B0022

B0024C - B0024

B0031C - B0031

B0033C - B0033

B0041C - B0041

B0046C - B0046

B0056C - B0056

B0060C - B0060

B0061C - B0061

B0063C - B0063

B0070C - B0070

B0075C - B0075

B0077C - B0077

B0083C - B0083

B0086C - B0086

B0090C - B0090

B0094C - B0094

B0095C - B0095

B0100C - B0100

B0101C - B0101

B0102C - B0102

B0103C - B0103

B0108C - B0108

B0111C - B0111

B0112C - B0112

B0134C - B0134

B0135C - B0135

B0136C - B0136

B0141C - B0141

B0142C - B0142

B0150C - B0150

B0153C - B0153

B0161C - B0161

B0165C - B0165

B0170C - B0170

B0171C - B0171

B0172C - B0172

B0173C - B0173

B0174C - B0174

B0176C - B0176

B0177C - B0177

B0178C - B0178

B0201C - B0201

B0202C - B0202

B0210C - B0210

B0220C - B0220

B0221C - B0221

B0320C - B0320

B0321C - B0321

B0322C - B0322

B0401C - B0401

B0404C - B0404

B0405C - B0405

B0410C - B0410

B0411C - B0411

B0420C - B0420

B0422C - B0422

B0462C - B0462

B0463C - B0463

B0464C - B0464

B0480C - B0480

B0510C - B0510

B0511C - B0511

B0512C - B0512

B0513C - B0513

B0530C - B0530

B0531C - B0531

B0532C - B0532

B0533C - B0533

B0540C - B0540

B0541C - B0541

B0542C - B0542

B0550C - B0550

B0560C - B0560

B0600C - B0600

B0601C - B0601

B1290C - B1290

B1291C - B1291

B1292C - B1292

B1293C - B1293

B1295C - B1295

B1310C - B1310

All of our borders and angles allow you to create a rug in which a cement tile pattern will be centralized. Carpets may arise in the center or along the walls of a living room. You will find a wide range of angles and edges with colors and patterns both classical and contemporary to live all your projects.

The borders and angles of cement tiles are intended to create a carpet in a house. They allow to delimit spaces and bring a traditional side to your soils.

Delimit a space with borders

You have a stay open on the kitchen and you want two different reasons? This is possible by creating two rugs with borders and patterns. These will be delimited by a plain cement tile. By posing these two carpets, you will visually create two spaces without partition. The open stays on the kitchen are more and more, so it is essential to work well.

Choose patterned borders

Cement Tiles Co Uk offers you on each of its pages of patterns possible associations with a border and vice versa. We advise you to opt for a border whose colors will be similar to the patterns. It is not necessary to completely surround your motive. In some cases, placing a corner strip without corners may be pleasing to the eye.

Laying plain edges

You do not have to choose a patterned border to delimit the spaces. Indeed, it is possible to choose a plain outline. Indeed, some people do not like the reason to cut because of a partition, furniture or other and do not appreciate the edges. We therefore advise you to choose one of the colors that is used in your design to create the outline. This creates a more modern decoration than with a patterned border. Discover our collections of borders and angles. Do not hesitate to contact us to give you advice on arranging your real cement tiles.