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The terms of sales

Clauses stipulated below are notified to the clientele and make law of the parties


Our articles are completely hand-made by workers-craftsmen. The number of manipulations of the tile returns inevitably a certain variability and imperfections in the form of nuances of colors, on-surface haloes, fine craquelure, small bubbles, scratches, and of differences of thickness +/-1 mm. These small imperfections which you would reveal are the proof that everything is realized in a craft way which will make the charm of the set once put.


Cement Tiles of tour cannot be held responsible for the reception and for the storage of the cement tiles by the customer. Every cement tiles are packaged in cardboards and delivered on pallet and must be stored shielded from the bad weather (rain, etc…). If it was not the case, the time of the ascents of soft roe would be upper to that indicated in the advice of installation closes to the delivery.

For all the cement tiles put outside on terraces not sheltered from the sun, the effects are only a loss of coloring, which will not modify the dress of the tile in time.

The pose of cement tiles in strongly wet circles can engender tracks or effects of soft roe after treatment which ease dice that the time becomes again drier. It is of for the fact that the material reacts to its environment. It will be necessary to watch, that the pose is made according to the rule book by the craftsman who will judge himself ways to implement.


Any order involves a support, without reserve in general terms of sale below.
A 30 % deposit is asked for any acceptance from us by the order. In case of cancellation of the order by the customer for any reason whatsoever, the paid 30 % deposit will be retained to cover expenses committed by the company.
Any agreement breaking our general conditions is valid only having been accepted in writing in our confirmation of order).
To avoid any contesting the order will have to contain the exact company name of the Buyer as well as the precise addresses of delivery and invoicing.
The Cement Tiles of Tower reserves the right to refuse any order without having to justify one or several motives it.


The prices, the information and the descriptions of our goods printed leaflets or advertising appear only for information purposes and commit us in no way.
We reserve the right to bring it all the modifications which we consider necessary.
Tints of our craft tiles can vary as well as the graphics of our motives. Any guarantee is granted.
The implementation of our products is under the responsibility full of the Buyer.
The CEMENT TILES OF TOWER would not be be questioned.


Our delivery deadlines are given to title area codes and would not know how to assert late charges or cancellation of total or partial order.
The reception of the goods results from the signature by the Buyer of the delivery slip.
De facto the reception is of the responsibility of the buyer, he will have to verify the goods and note on the receiving note of the carrier all the noticed observations (break-in, bad pallet state, torn cardboards).
If reception conditions seen above were well respected, the Cement Tiles of Tower will take under her responsibility the damage undergone by the buyer.
The unloading of the goods is chargeable to the customer as well as the routing on the site where they will be operated.


Any complaints for damage or non-compliance must be formulated with the company Cement Tiles of Tower by registered letter within 3 days from the date of delivery.


To avoid expenses of manipulation and important administrative expenses, our goods are neither taken back nor exchanged. Nevertheless if it was to be necessary, within 1 month from the date of delivery, he can be only exchanged tiles by full cardboards after check by our logistician. The expenses of manipulations and administrative will be charged.


Our goods always travel at the risks and the dangers of the Buyer about is the used means of transportation or the modalities of regulation of the price of transport.
The transport even made by ourselves is always considered by order and as account of the Buyer.


All the invoices are payable in reception clear without discount.
The Buyer refrains to take motive for any complaint against the company CEMENT TILES OF TOWER to postpone all or part of his regulations.
Of express agreement and except requested and granted adjournment, the defect of payment of invoices in them terms will entail the payability of any sums staying due about is the planned method of payment, as well as the payability as damages and as penalty clause of a allowance equal to 10 % of the due sums, besides the legal interests and any possible legal costs.


Ownership transfer of the goods is subordinated to the complete payment of the price. The payment by draft or promissory note could not bring dispensation to the present clause (law N 80335 of May 12th, 1980).

Besides if the Buyer does not respect payment terms or if he is the object of a procedure of legal compulsory liquidation or of a clearance sale (article of law N 85/98 of January 25th, 1985 modified by the law N°94. / 475 of June 10th, 1994) the CEMENT TILES OF TOWER reserves the right to repossess goods at the expense of the Buyer. To this end the CEMENT TILES OF TOWER is authorized to penetrate into the places where are stored the goods to proceed to their removal.


In case of challenges, the Commercial court of Montpellier is only competent, some that are the terms of sale or the accepted payment conditions, even in case of appeal in guarantee or of defendants’ pluralities. The issue of drafts does not establish either novation or dispensation in this attributive clause of jurisdiction.

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