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Studio 3.0

Discover our cement tile patterns created by Cimenterie de la Tour

art deco style red cement tiles

red and modern terrazzo and cement tiles

Atmosphere Art Deco and Terracotta

The M1912 cement tile, with geometric patterns, will bring a modern and design style to your interior living rooms that are the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room. As shown above, it will be possible to mix it with snow white zellige or dark red granito tiling.

jungle blue and mustard cement tiles

blue and yellow cement tiles, zellige and granito

Jungle atmosphere

The cement tile M1386, with its floral motifs can be layed in an entrance hall, on the walls of a kitchen credenza or on the floor of a living room. With this mosaic tile, we advise you to combine either a yellow hexagonal granito or a turquoise green zellige.

trend floral cement tiles

pink and blue cement tiles and yellow granito

Floral and Country Ambiance

The M2084 cement tile, with its floral patterns and trendy colors will bring a modern but also rustic atmosphere to your interiors. He will be able to marry with a yellow square granito or a zellige red earth.

Eye Collection

Size 20×20 cm

The Cement tile collection containing the references M0760, M0761 and M0762 is an ultra contemporary collection proposed by Cimenterie de la Tour with an original design.


Floral Collection

Size 20×20 cm

The tile collection containing the references M0810, M0811 and M0812 is the first authentic tile collection proposed by Cimenterie de la Tour with a floral inspired design


The studio 3.0 page is here to present the latest creations of Cimenterie de la Tour inspired by the universe of designers.

Authentic tile creations

At Cimenterie de la Tour, we manufacture cement tiles by hand to ensure the best possible quality on the tiles. We can create our cement tiles from our palette of 72 colors (36 in stock and 36 on order) which gives more or less free rein to the imagination. For the most demanding of you, the tiles in the Studio 3.0 page are color-customizable, and you can find all the explanations in this article.

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