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The return of terracotta and its authenticity

The origin of terracotta Terracotta is a process that comes from ceramics. It is a process of cooking clay. Like cement tile, terra cotta is a material that is porous. Unlike porcelain stoneware and earthenware which are materials fired at high temperature. Terracotta saw its appearance around the 4th millennium BC. You can find sculptures, [...]

A plain or two-tone floor for a timeless piece

In the past, the cement tile was very often seen tinged with red, yellow or ocher. Today, according to current trends, natural colors such as beige, terracotta, blue or green are highlighted by interior design magazines. We therefore find plain tiles, depending on the color, either forming a plain floor, or married to a different [...]

Decoration trends for summer 2020

Find all the trends in planning and decoration for this summer 2020. Between materials, styles of decoration and furniture, adopt the trend and take care of your interior and your exterior! Handcrafted materials Handicrafts have been on the scene for some time with their different aspects: the irregularity and the charm of the know-how, responsible [...]

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Cement tiles in night spaces

Part of the floor and wall coverings of the oldest, cement tiles are much more than a trend. Highlighted in recent seasons, cement tiles are now offered in their prime. In a square shape, the authentic 20x20cm, in a hexagonal shape in a terracotta style or revisited in earthenware, they can meet the demand in [...]

The SBL project by Brengues Le Pavec Architectes agency

The contemporary and refined architecture agency from Montpellier Brengues Le Pavec Architects presents the SBL project, a modern renovation of an apartment in the Montpellier crest. The architecture agency Brengues Le Pavec Architects directs its research towards the heart of the project allowing volumes and their composition to be created. "The quest for harmony goes [...]

2020-05-15T16:52:24+02:00May, 2020 |actuality|

Cement tiles in living spaces

More than a trend, cement tiles are part of historic flooring. On the front of the stage for a few years, they have been worked so as to correspond to a more contemporary, even modern, harmony. Find out how the cement tiles can be installed, room by room, in your interior. Real decorative element, integrate [...]

The real zelliges

Zelliges belong to the category of ceramic tiles. These are small tiles of dimensions 10x10cm handcrafted. Their main characteristics result in their format, their brilliant enameling as well as their vibrant colors. Made by hand, the zelliges bring an authentic, artisanal and unique aspect to a room. Often in the form of a splashback and [...]

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Where to find cement tiles in France?

The cement tile workshop Cimenterie de la Tour Cimenterie de la Tour has a manufacturing plant which has been located in the region of Rabat, in Morocco, since 1932. Today, cement tiles are still handcrafted. No machine has replaced skill and manual labor. Whether patterned or plain, our cement tiles are always made upside down. [...]

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