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Our stock

Cement tile Co Uk publishes, manufactures and stores its cement tiles. It holds its own mosaic tile deposit with more than 8000 m² of references available in the northern area of ​​Lavérune (34880). Cement tile Co Uk places a lot of importance on deadlines. The advantage of this stock is that we can respond quickly to demand. Also, we can deliver pallets worldwide through our international carriers. Indeed, it is possible to remove your order yourself within 24 to 48 hours or to be delivered within 1 week to 15 days depending on the country.
Also, it will be possible to order cement tiles to the m² or to the unit according to the project (laying on a small surface, creation of a patchwork). We stock various formats such as square cement tiles, hexagons, octagons and skirting boards. Also, you will find real cement tiles united, floral motifs, geometric, 3-D effect or even Belle Epoque cement tiles.
If you want to customize cement tiles, this is possible. You can go to our simulator to make a new colorization on our models for a minimum surface of 5 m². Discover our palette of 72 solid colors to personalize your floors or your interior walls. Also, you will find a simulation of your model on a living room in 3D to project you well. In addition, you want to reproduce a pattern of cement tiles that you have seen for example in an old house, this is possible for a minimum of 12 m². Feel free to send your drawings to our creative workshop. Our manufacturing times are between 4 to 6 weeks.
We make every effort to offer you the best services. Do not hesitate to apply for stock.

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