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The Cement Tiles of Tour Collection

Knowledge of material

The Cement Tiles of Tour Collection shows what can be created and realised, thanks to a knowledge of natural raw materials and their application to our modern environment and style.

From coloured floors to « DABADABADA » bathroom fittings, to traditional handmade terracotta tiles, or oak flooring, we can help you to visualise your interior decor…

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This product is a ready coloured screed to be applied to a thickness of 2mm. It can be applied to new or existing concrete, mortar, brick, stone, steel, wooden parquet, ceramic, …
The range of colours consists of over 140 shades, this allowing you to match precisely your floor to other elements of the decor.Application is extremely simple.

Download technical data pdf: advice

Continuous coating for ground, (thickness 2mm approx.) for the new or old grounds. Apply outside sheltered and inside. Smoothed concrete effect.

DESCRIPTION : The system is composed of: Resin, in coloured paste, white cement HR. These products are composed of synthetic binders, mineral pigments resistant to the light, additives, bactericides, water repellents. Voluminal weight 1,60 PH 8-9 Thinner water Safety produced nonflammable without specific need for labelling Conservation 1 year in packing of origin, stored between +5°C and + 40°C Conditioning plastic Buckets Consumption 1,2-1,6 kg m²

SUPPORTS : The coating applies inside and outside (on nonexposed supports with the bad weather) to support out of concrete, solids, plan and clean. On old supports the system is realizable on opinion of the manufacturer. Not to apply to supports prone to increase of moisture.

To work with the shelter of the full sun, between + 5° C and + 35° C. It is necessary that these temperatures are maintained at least 48h after the installation.

– Smoothing of the irregular supports: Finishing as a preliminary on the irregular supports (tiling, cover nonin conformity…). To apply “finishing for ground” according to the chart.
In order to regularize porosity, to limit the bullage and to improve adherence of “tinted Cement”, it is advised to apply to the roller the “underlayer” as a preliminary.
– Application of tinted Cement: To mix the resin coloured well then to add to this mixture cement (by powdering it). To mix the unit well. To let rest 15 minutes. The paste is then ready with employment.
– To spread out the mixture with the hawk stainless. To avoid the matter overloads. To regulate flatness progressively advance of the application.
– To obtain a smooth surface, to sandpaper, after drying approximately 24-48 hours following the ventilation of the buildings, with paper glass n° 80 or n° 120.
– After complete drying it is advised to wax the system or to pass a varnish of protection. ° a treatment wax is to be realized in two phases. First of all to apply it “stops pore” in 2 cross layers separated by 30 minutes. Then, in the same way to apply “wax”.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Metro tiles” icon=””]

Ever since it was opened in 1900, the bevelled and glazed earthenware tile has been emblematic of the Parisian Métro, covering passageways and vaults.
Simple and yet unique, the Metro tile is perfect for the walls of your kitchen and bathroom, restaurant walls or shop fronts. Our « Metro » collection is a superb mix of tradition and modernity and is available in a wide range of shapes and colours.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Zellige” icon=””]

Zellige are coloured terra-cotta tiles, originating in the XII th Century in Fès, Morocco. They are still hand-made, using the same method by artisans in the workshops of Aït Manos.

Being hand-made in a traditional manner, there are slight imperfections, which add to the inimitable charm of the product. Slight colour variations give rise to attractive, changing tones and reflections.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Solid oak parquet” icon=””]

We offer wide strips (15-19cm) and variable lenghts (0,6 – 1,8m).

Solid oak veneer laid on massive oak will give your interior an atmosphere of natural tradition.

The choice of oak parquet flooring confers a timeless individuality on any room or open space.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Terracotta” icon=””]

If you choose terra-cotta you are opting for the warmth of traditional materials. La Tour’s terra cotta is natural, with warm shades, to which time will give a patina, just as it does to natural stone. Respecting tradition, our terra cotta is shaped by hand.
To keep your terra cotta looking good, we recommend a durable and effective surface treatment and we have a range of proven products available.

Download the technical data :Terracotta tips

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Calades pebbles” icon=””]

Imported from Indonesia in the form of either precast, patterned slabs and interlocking friezes or loose for creation of motifs on the spot. They add distinctive charm and an exotic touch to bathrooms, swimming pools, terraces, garden pathways, or anywhere.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Lava stone” icon=””]

Lava stone in France is mainly found in the Massif Central. The stone is cut to shape according to your particular requirements.

The resulting surface finish is incomparable, and can have endless variations. Its major attributes are its strength and ease of maintenance. The resulting surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom will be your pride and joy.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=” Dabadabada” icon=””]

High-performance, fibrefilled concrete from Dabadabada offers all sorts of possibilities in advanced, pure design.

A range of basins, sinks and bowls has been developed, both in traditional shapes and in more advanced forms, as well as in original colours such as khaki, brown, burnt earth, following latest colour fashion trends.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Basins and sinks” icon=””]

Here are the forms of bowls and basins which we would really love to see in our home.

Thanks to digital technology we can create conical, round, elliptical or rectangular shapes in any stone.

Open your mind to any ideas of shapes for your sinks, work surfaces, shower trays, etc…

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