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Discover our cement tiles trends of the moment

carreaux de ciment géométriques orange et bordeaux brique

Geometric cement tile M1912

United Colors : U8, U83, U24, U112

Format 20 x 20 cm

The M1912 cement tile will modernize your kitchen floors, entrance hall, living room or bedroom with its geometric patterns and modern orange and brick red colors.

floral and moderne blue and mustard cement tile

New cement tile M1386

United Colors : U8, 102, U47, U53

Format 20 x 20 cm

This mosaic tile with its floral motifs will bring dynamics to the decoration of your floors and walls. Its colors mustard yellow and turquoise blue will fit perfectly in modern homes.

Geometric cement tile H20M0131

United Colors : U4, U8, U9, U95

Format 20 x 20 cm

H20M0131 tiles bring modernity and dynamics to your room. This model is rather recommended for a room such as a kitchen but it can adapt very well to other environments.

floral and dynamic pink and blue cement tiles

Hot color cement tile M2084

United Colors : U8, U90, U1, U102

Format 20 x 20 cm

M2084 cement tile mixes trendy colors like indigo blue, pink and mustard yellow. It can be layed on the floor of an entrance, the credence of a kitchen or the walls of a living room.

floor cement tile geometric and modern



moderne red and orange cement tiles for kitchen and bathroom floor

Bright colors


patchwork cement tiles

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cement tiles in a sojourn in bristol



living room cement tiles

Hot Color


trends and floral cement tiles



Cement tile trends

The trends are consistent with cement tiles, which are the most popular at present. They can help you find decorating ideas for your floors and walls with many styles that Cimenterie de la Tour offers. Discover our many formats (squares, hexagonal, …), our patterns (geometric, floral, …) or our different solid colors (green cement tile, blue cement tile, …). You will be able to discover all our mosaic tiles by following this link. You can also find new ideas of development by consulting the page of our achievements.