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Discover our collection of zelliges handmade by Cimenterie de la Tour


Z1 Snow White

zellige z2 whitez fez

Z2 Whtie Fez

zellige z3 washed white

Z3 Washed White

zellige z4 terra cotta

Z4 Terra Cotta

zellige z5 black

Z5 Black

zellige z6 enamel earth

Z6 Enemal Earth

zellige z7 dark brown

Z7 Dark Brown

zellige z8 turquoise

Z8 Turquoise

zellige z9 maldive light

Z9 Maldive Light

zellige z10 honey

Z10 Honey

zellige z11 milky white

Z11 Milky White

zellige z13 black coffee

Z13 Black Coffee

zellige z15 water green

Z15 Water Green

zellige z16 old pink

Z16 Old Pink

zellige-z17 parma

Z17 Parma

zellige z18 purple

Z18 Purple

zellige z19 burgundy

Z19 Burgundy

zellige z20 maldive

Z20 Maldive

zellige z21 gustavian blue

Z21 Gustavian Blue

zellige z22 soft green

Z22 Soft Green

zellige z23 imperial green

Z23 Vert Impérial

zellige z26 beige gray

Z26 Beige Gray

zellige z27 night gray

Z27 Night Gray

zellige z28 stormy gray

Z28 Stormy Gray

zellige z29 blue ice

Z29 Blue Ice

zellige z30 red earth

Z30 Red Earth

zellige z31 blue earth

Z31 Blue Earth

zellige z32 celio

Z32 Cielo

zellige z33 lazuli

Z33 Lazuli

zellige z34 azure blue

Z34 Azure Blue

zellige z36 mint green

Z36 Mint Green

zellige z37 magic blue

Z37 Magic Blue

zellige z38 french blue

Z38 French Blue

zellige z39 night blue

Z39 Night Blue

zellige z42 lime

Z42 Lime

zellige z43 mole

Z43 Mole

zellige z44 green empire

Z44 Green Empire

zellige z46 sparkling red

Z46 Sparkling Red

zellige z48 sparkling orange

Z48 Sparkling Orange

zellige z49 carbon

Z49 Carbon

zellige z50 silver plated

Z50 Silver Plated

zellige z51 bronze

Z51 Bronze

zellige z52 black metal

Z52 Black Metal

zellige z53 yellow glow

Z53 Yellow Glow

zellige z56 light grey

Z56 Light Grey

zellige z60 green babylon

Z60 Green Babylon

zellige z61 almond green

Z61 Almond Green

zellige z62 iceberg

Z62 Iceberg

zellige z63 emerald green

Z63 Emerald Green

zellige z64 pacific green

Z64 Pacific Green

zellige z65 white saber

Z65 White Saber

Z68 Lagoon

What is a zellige or zellij?

Zellige is a tile made in a traditional way as cement tiles but whose method of manufacture differs from cement tile. Indeed, unlike traditional cement tiles, zelliges undergo different cooking resulting in rather bright colors.

At La Cimenterie de la Tour, we offer a panel of colors all available only on order of which you can see above.

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In order to know more about the zelliges proposed by Cimenterie de la Tour, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

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